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Randy's Clear glaze Recipe

You need about 10kg to fill a 5 gallon bucket. I would suggest you try a test first. I’ve been testing a similar clear base from “mastering cone 6 glazes” ;

Materials                                                   Amt                                            
PPS Fusion Frit F-12                                  25.00
PPS Feldspar Custer Potash                      22.00
PPS EPK                                                    18.00
PPS Silica 295 mesh                                  26.00
PPS Talc Silverline 303                                5.00
PPS Whiting (Calcium Carbonate)              4.00 
Total:                                                         100.00
I’ve modified it to change from frit 3134 to f-12 as 3134 may be very difficult to get in the future.

For every 100gm of dry materials start with 85 gm of water.

Date April 1 2024 -  Will be setting up a small batch first as Randy suggests.