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Updated: May 6th, 2018


  1. Mission Statement

    To facilitate technological creativity and learning in an open and collaborative community within the Edmonton Capital Region.

  2. Objects of the Society

    The goals of The Society are:

    1. To lease, purchase, or otherwise acquire physical facilities to house operations and material accumulated by The Society, especially including (but not necessarily limited to) a physical workspace for use by Members.
    2. To promote creative and social interactions among individual Members and The Society as a whole.
    3. To facilitate collaborative projects amongst The Society Membership whenever possible.
    4. To ensure that operations of The Society intend some real or perceived benefit to The Society Members as a whole and/or the city of Edmonton or its citizens, and are not solely commercial in nature.
    5. To raise funds to achieve the goals of The Society as thus described. This includes accepting gifts, grants, legacies, sponsorships, bequests, and inheritances.
    6. If deemed necessary, to borrow funds and lease, mortgage, sell and dispose of property of The Society and establish a line of credit to achieve the objects of The Society.
    7. To use funds of The Society only according to and in pursuit of these objects as defined in ARTICLE 1.2