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Proposed Changes

This page tracks suggestions for changes to the bylaws and policies. They are not final, and need discussion.

Please email to append ideas here.


  • Budget should be approved/ratified by the membership.
  • Clearer financial statement auditing procedure.

General Policies

  • Adjust general meeting schedule, possibly allowing a range of start times.
  • Minimum age to use equipment or even enter the space.
  • Publish pets policy.
  • Publish substance use policy.
  • Technical infrastructure requirements policy.
  • Clearer expenses policy (what will the Society cover?).

Storage Policies

  • Standardize on the HDX bin system.
  • Reduce allowable bin count to 1 per member.
  • Support clay/bucket storage in pottery.
  • Update to accommodate the new drying racks in pottery.
  • Designate storage location for post-bisque pieces.
  • Reduce the amount of time required for abandoned projects to become donations to the space.
  • Improve nameless project handling.